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Most Effective Golf Exercise For Senior Golf Lovers

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Senior golf players always yearn to increase the swing speed, but it becomes difficult when they grow old. Not to disappoint their spirit which is still young and to give them confidence few exercises are recommended. By practicing these activities, they can become young once again to have all the fun on the golf ground.


Wisely Choose the Shaft

Shaft size must reduce with age and remember when you grow older to make use of a shaft that is lighter in weight. Strictly don’t go beyond 60 grams of weight. With a lighter pole, you can put in lesser efforts and increase your swing speed.

Shaft Weight Distribution

Now, you have a lightweight shaft and think about distributing weight to make more efficient shots. Distribute in such a way that there is more weight in the grip end when compared to the driver end. This will increase the accuracy, swing speed and hence the distance. Find the best golf balls for seniors and implement the shaft weight distribution to make your efforts successful without any chance for backfire.

Longer Shaft

There is a concern raised by most of the senior golfers that they strike the driver straight, but ball reaches not more than 200 yards. Quickly adopt the idea of using longer shaft by adding one inch, and you will have a better width, and thus the swing speed will increase.

Shaft Flex

Shaft flex yet another thing that you must learn from the senior golf pro. When the shaft flex is more, then the swing speed will increase automatically. Without looking at the shaft flex, all your hard efforts will go down the drain, and you cannot reach the distance you aim at.


Thus, shaft plays a vital role in making the golf enthusiast in the senior players achieve more distance and feel good.

• Choose the shaft weight – Lighter the weight more excellent is the distance the ball can travel.
• Distribute the weight – More at the grip end and less at the driver end.
• Use a longer shaft – You may not want to bend more by using a longer shaft, and still, you can get better control of the ball.

Aging is a natural process and doesn’t feel disappointed as you can still play golf with the same energy, and all you need to do is to make some efforts to know the best ways to use your shaft. Get inspired by this post and feel rejuvenated.